We're all missing campus just about now. Our beloved Hinkle Fieldhouse, our two favorite mascots, views from Sunset Avenue - just to name a few. Although it's the people of Butler University who make campus home, let us offer you a product that can remind you every morning just how special BU is.



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Kendra Laidig

Favorite Campus Study Spot: "Plum Market. It's got Apple Store vibes, food very close by, and always a friend walking through."

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Lily Shelp

Favorite Campus Study Spot:  "Starbucks! I love being able to study with some background noise. It is also so fun to see familiar faces, have access to the bookstore and a printer nearby, and a very short walk to grab some coffee!"

Gracie Meyer

Favorite Campus Study Spot: "LSB! There are plenty of study rooms, familiar faces are always walking through, and you can grab a snack or drink at the cafe!"


Nicole Jordan

Favorite Campus Study Spot:  "Starbucks on campus! I love the big tables, seeing friendly faces non-stop, and of course the coffee! "


Jess Tyler

Favorite Campus Study Spot:  "I’m definitely a study-in-bed kind of person. Chill music, with some snacks. And coffee, of course."

Abby Shorter

Favorite Campus Study Spot: "The Butler Mall! I love going to study on the mall with a blanket on a sunny day. Starbucks and plum market are right there in case I need to print something, need a drink, or a snack. And it’s just a good way to enjoy some nice fresh air after sitting in classes for most of the day.


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